Celia Smith

Artist Celia Smith creates sculptures using wire. They are 3 dimensional drawings, instead of pencil on paper its wire in the air! 

She says,
"I find that wire has a spontaneity that can give my sculptures a feeling of life and energy."
She focuses mainly on birds and portraying their unique charcter.
I rather like birds and these little creations are beautiful! The colour in the pieces work so well.

For more information go to http://celia-smith.co.uk/

Barnacle Geese




Devon Guild's new craft shop at Cockington Court OPENING

July 21st is the opening of the Devon Guild's new craft shop in Cockington Court.

Cockington Court has had funding, allowing them to build great, new studios. One of these studios has been taken over by the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, where they will be selling work by some of their 200 or more members. I am going to be lucky enough to be working here. It's a really exciting time and we hope that everyone will visit and enjoy the rest of the lovely Cockington Village.

I shall be featuring some of the amazing artist members here so keep your eyes peeled!

Hope to see you there!

For more info, please visit the Devon Guild's website HERE


A bird after my own heart! - The Bowerbird

Devon artist Jane Perkins describes herself as a "re-maker". She uses found objects to produce works of art and jewellery.

On her website she describes the bowerbird...

"The bowerbird from Australia builds a bower to attract mates... ...around which he places a variety of objects he has collected... ...In the case of the blue-black Satin Bowerbird, the particular attraction is to all things blue, from plastic drinking straws to clothes pegs and toothbrushes... ...The bird spends hours carefully sorting and arranging his collection, with each object in a specific place"

More information at www.bluebowerbird.co.uk


Betty Pepper

Betty Pepper creates beautiful jewellery, enveloped and protected by books. She uses old books found in charity shops because of the fact that they have once had ownership, and contain memories as well as literary stories.

"Her work is inspired by stories, memories, things from the past, over-hearings and misgivings.

A strand of humour runs through Betty's work using word games, hidden messages and secrets. The work features 'grown-up' interests, but they are treated with a child-like attitude."



Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.
- Dr. Haim Ginott 


Degree Show

It's taken a while but I'm finally posting my final pieces for the degree show.

This series of 5 drawings focuses on the eyes of children, emphasizing how children watch and absorb everything around them.

-Robert Fulghum

Here is one of the two book sculptures that I created. This piece looks at natural disasters, particularly tsunami and other water related dangers. The book is A. A. Milne's "Now We Are Six", a collection of childrens poems. The sculpture includes characters from the Winnie-the-Pooh books and Kenneth Grahamme's The Wind in the Willows. I have used my manipulated pages to act as barriers and windows, allowing for depth and shadows. As you look through them you see one of my drawings at the back, of a child's eye peering out.

The blood red base contrasts with the vibrant yellow of the book mirroring the contrast between the difficult adult world and the playful child world.

John Habberton's "Some Boys' Doings" is the book used here. This piece looks at how children can get caught up in situations that they know are wrong, but do not necessarily understand why. It reminds me of the film "This is England", written and directed by Shane Meadows, where a boy, bullied at school, finds sympathy and acceptance in a group of skinheads. However, he gets caught up in his role model's racist subgroup and sees things a young boy should not see.

In my piece, the boy inside the book is looking over his shoulder, his body language suggests he is aware of something bad. From the right, children run to warn or save him and his friend. From the right, police are on their way to either save them, or punish them.



Over Protecting Children... Just Let Them Learn.

This TED video is great. These things are brilliant for learning. It not only allows children to experience things that could be dangerous, but it also allows them to trust their parents, and to respect them. And it's so much fun!

By sheltering children, and not allowing them to experience situations, they cannot learn how to deal with them.


Bringing Books and Paper to Life

Here are some animations that bring books to life...

Produced by Colenso BBDO
Animated by Andersen M Studio

Su Blackwell is an amazing artist. She has been involved with companies using her art within their advertising. This video is the advert for Beringer wine.


Louis Reith

Forest, 2011

from Book Pages Series, 2009-2011

from Book Pages Series, 2009-2011


The Valleys, 2010

These are collages created by artist and graphic designer Louis Reith. I am most interested in the simplicity of these pieces.

"...Reith seeks tranquility in his drawings, collages and sculptures. By typographic forms on old book pages and the use of maps, Reith creates a world of mountain landscapes and abstract works."


UWE Degree Show - Art Design Media

Yes, it has been 3 years, and now I will be a part of the UWE Degree Show. This exhibition comprises of all the graduating years of the art and design courses at UWE. Including the amazing Drawing and Applied Arts 3rd year students.

Private view:
Friday 10th June 18:00 - 21:00
Open view :
Saturday 11th June: 10:00 -18:00
Sunday 12th June: 10:00 -16:00
Monday 13th - Thursday 16th June: 10:00-20:00

Bower Ashton Campus
Kennel Lodge Road
off Clanage Road
Bower Ashton

For more information click here.

"A grownup is a child with layers on”

I have used my manipulated book pages to create layered work, in a similar way to the pieces I produced for my assessment in January (See related post here). Just like that work, these layered pieces are talking about children looking out through a cross over of the childhood and adult worlds.

The book pages used are from many old children's books, including classics such as A. A. Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh collections and Kenneth Grahamme's The Wind in the Willows.

The pages have been treated with different mediums such as varnish, shoe polish, gesso, watercolour, and marbling inks.

UPFEST - A Walk Up North Street

It is the weekend of the UPFEST here in Bristol, just up the road from me. It is a festival of urban paint. These are some works that stood out for me, all for their own reasons.

I personally am not as interested in more common graffiti. But when these artists can really show their skill, they create some amzing works. The last 3 images are particularly great. The use of the flourescent colours with the police in the last piece is really clever, and definitely catches your eye.


Standing Alone


Enhancing the idea of fragility in my work, the pages and cutouts are going to be free standing. The pages will be strengthened by a thin frame of balsa wood, which I bought from a model shop in Bristol.

The cutouts from the book pages should be small enough not to need the balsa wood. Many of the cutouts are of children, and allowing these the freedom to stand alone is quite scary. Parents become extremely worried about what could happen to their children if they allow them more freedom. For adults, it is working out how much freedom a child should have, while at the same time shielding them from things too "grown up" for them, allowing them to keep their childhood innocence for a bit longer.



Removing the child from the page.
It suggests emptiness and loss.
Simply a trace of what should be there. An innocent childhood is becoming, to an extent, distant.


Using Covers

Involving the book covers in my work as frames. A protective blanket around the eyes and minds of children. This will reflect the protective nature of parents over their children.


Experimenting with Layers

Experimenting with the depth of layers and cut areas.


Childhood - Halfway Point.

Childhood juxtaposed with adulthood.
Care free, innocence alongside awareness and responsibilty.



For my final year at Drawing and Applied Arts I have been looking at the theme of childhood. How free most childrens' lives are and the awkwardness they can cause.

Awkward comments and actions. And also the awkwardness of growing up. The rights of passage we go through, making us more aware and understanding, while bringing more questions to the horizon.